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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients



Network Goals

In accordance with the legislative mandate for the ESRD Network Program, ESRD Network 10 shares the goals of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the ESRD Network Program to promote positive change relative to three AIMs outlined in the National Quality Strategy (NQS) and CMS priorities:

AIM 1: Better Care for the Individual through Beneficiary and Family Centered Care
AIM 2: Better Health for the ESRD Population
AIM 3: Reduce Costs of ESRD Care by Improving Care


ESRD Network 10 strives to lead transformation by:

  • Serving as conveners, organizers, motivators, and change agents
  • Leveraging technology to provide outreach and education
  • Serving as partners in quality improvement with beneficiaries, practitioners, health care
    providers, other health care organizations, and other stakeholders
  • Securing commitments to create collaborative relationships
  • Achieving and measuring changes at the patient level through data collection, analysis, and
    monitoring for improvement
  • Disseminating and spreading best practices including those relating to clinical care, quality
    improvement techniques, and data collection through information exchange
  • Participating in the development of a CMS national framework for providing emergency
    preparedness services
  • Ensuring representation of Medicare beneficiaries in shared decision making related to ESRD
    care in order to promote person-centeredness and family engagement
  • Protecting Medicare beneficiary access to quality dialysis care, especially among vulnerable
  • Identifying opportunities for quality improvement at the individual facility level and providing
    technical assistance
  • Promoting all modalities of care, including home modalities and transplantation, as appropriate,
    to promote patient independence and improve clinical outcomes
  • Facilitating processes to promote care coordination between different care settings
  • Ensuring accurate, complete, consistent, and timely data collection, analysis, and reporting by
    facilities in accordance with national standards and the ESRD QIP

Core Purpose

The Renal Network facilitates the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients.

Core Values

  • To act compassionately and responsibly
  • To be unbiased
  • To advocate for excellence
  • To be proactive and innovative