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CROWNWeb Action List

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The Action List is found on the main menu in CROWNWeb and list patients whose records need some action from the facility user because of information received by CROWNWeb from various outside sources such as UNOS for reported transplants, Social Security for reported deaths, and EDB (Medicare’s Enrolment Database) for corrections to SSN, Medicare HIC numbers, name spellings, etc.

If you are unfamiliar with how to process Action List items or need a refresher you can find some quick training at the CROWNWeb Online Help in the Patients Section.



Medicare HIC Numbers (Health Insurance Claim Numbers) can and do change as the benefits status of the patient changes. The thing that changes most often is the modifier at the end of their SSN such as the “A” or “T”. This information is reported in the Action List Notification directly from Medicare’s enrollment database (EDB). These numbers are often reported before the patient receives an update ID cardWe recommend that you always accept these notifications unless the HIC Number is substantially different than the patient’s SSN. Please keep in mind that a female spouse may initially apply under the husband’s SSN, but may later receive an updated Medicare HIC Number using her own SSN.

Reject any last name change where the suffix (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) is in the last name field. Those suffixes should always be in the suffix field in CROWNWeb and in your electronic medical record system.

Don’t forget that Event Notifications do not automatically update in CROWNWeb when you click “Accept”. You must make the correction in both CROWNWeb and your electronic medical record system if you are a batch submitting unit such as DCI, DaVita, FMC or NRAA.