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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Facility Personnel Update Instructions

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All Medicare certified dialysis units are required to maintain current facility personnel data in CROWNWeb.  Transplant units and Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) dialysis units are excluded from this requirement as they do not have access to CROWNWeb. Transplant and VHA units should use the monthly spreadsheet emailed to them to fax or email their personnel contact information to the Network for entry into CROWNWeb.

At a minimum the Network needs the following personnel positions listed in CROWNWeb (the same person could have multiple positions listed):

  • Facility Administrator
  • Data Contact
  • Facility Head Nurse/Nurse Administrator
  • Facility Medical Director
  • Facility Nephrologist(s)
  • Facility Representative 
  • Facility Social Worker
  • Facility Disaster Contact
  • Facility Disaster Contact  Back-Up

Also at a minimum each person listed should have their:

  • Email and
  • work phone number listed
  • Nephrologists must have either a UPIN or NPI listed so that they can electronically sign the 2728 and 2746 forms.

Disaster Contacts should also:

  • Include their cell or home phone number in case the unit is non-functioning in a disaster. Nephrologists must have either a UPIN or NPI listed so that they can electronically sign the 2728 and 2746 forms.

Phone numbers and email addresses are critical for allowing the Network to contact you regarding important, time sensitive communications.


  • Search the person’s name before creating. Chances are they already have a record; this is particularly true for nephrologists.
  • Anyone who has electronically signed a 2728 (nephrologists), or a 2746 (nephrologists, social workers, other staff), or who have submitted treatment information (nephrologists) cannot have their old personnel/position records deleted as they are linked to submitted data in CROWNWeb. You can mark the personnel record inactive as long as they no longer work at any of the positions/facilities listed. Marking them inactive will keep them from showing on the signature drop down lists for 2728 and 2746 forms as well as for treatment records.

Project CROWNWeb Facility Personnel Tutorial

Project CROWNWeb FAQs (just enter Personnel in the search box)

The Network will email a list of the current facility personnel to the designated Facility Representative(s) once a month. If you see something on that list that is no longer correct, please update CROWNWeb as soon as possible. Twice a year the Network will send a very brief Survey Monkey to the Facility Representative for attestation that all key facility personnel/positions are accurate in CROWNWeb.