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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Dialysis Facility Compare

dialysis facility compare has created the Dialysis Facility Compare Web site to provide patients and family members with important information and resources for chronic kidney disease and dialysis.

This Web site can help you:

  • Search for Medicare certified dialysis facilities in any State
  • Compare the services offered at dialysis facilities (for example, home, nocturnal, PD etc.)
  • Compare the quality of dialysis facilities
  • Find more information and links on kidney disease and dialysis treatments

Star Ratings

The star ratings are part of Medicare's efforts to make data on dialysis centers easier to understand and use. The star ratings show whether your dialysis center provides quality dialysis care - that is, care known to get the best results for most dialysis patients. The rating ranges from 1 to 5 stars. A facility with a 5-star rating has quality of care that is considered 'much above average' compared to other dialysis facilities. A 1- or 2- star rating does not mean that you will receive poor care from a facility. It only indicates that measured outcomes were below average compared to those for other facilities.

Find out more about star ratings on Dialysis Facility Compare.

Search for your facility's star rating.

How to use Dialysis Facility Compare

  1. Go to Dialysis Facility Compare Web site.
  2. Search for facilities by selecting a facility by name, city, zip code, or name of
  3. Select the facilities that you would like to get more information about.
  4. If you select more that one facility, you will be able to compare the information on all the facilities you choose including the following areas:

Facility Characteristics:

    Name, address, and phone number,

    The date the facility was certified by Medicare,

    Whether or not the facility offers shifts starting at 5:00 pm or later,

    The number of treatment stations,

    The types of dialysis offered (in-center hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, PD, etc.)

Quality Measures:

    • The percent of patients who received adequate dialysis
    • The percent of patients whose anemia was adequately managed
    • Patient survival information

Promote Dialysis Facility Compare

We encourage you to use the this TOOLKIT to share Dialysis Facility Compare with your organization or your patients. Dialysis Facility Compare allows patients and caregivers to search for and compare centers. For patients already on dialysis, the website is a resource to help them understand the quality of care their dialysis center provides.