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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Quality Improvement Training

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These training programs are designed to be used by dialysis center staff responsible for conducting in-service training, such as nurse educators and trainers.

The training topics were selected and designed to stimulate and support significant improvement in the quality of dialysis care through skills building and development and the promotion of best practice models..

In addition, each module was designed to support the goals and aims of specific CMS ESRD Quality Initiative, such as the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative and the ESRD Clinical Performance Measures (CPM).

Each training modules is a result of collaborative efforts among dialysis providers, renal professionals, Network board and committee members and staff.




  • Catheter Reduction Promising Practices

Presented on March 31, 2015

View the Webinar

To receive 1.2 CEUs for nurses and techs please complete webinar evaluation by clicking on the link below.

  • Troubleshooting Complications of the Buttonhole Technique
    January, 2013, Lynda K. Ball, MSN, RN, CNN
    Download presentation slides in handout format [PDF, 843KB] or view recording online. If you have trouble viewing recording, you may need to update the video codex on your computer. GoToMeeting codex update is available online.
  • How to Make a Good Vascular Access Program Even Better
    April 14, 2011

Download Webinar Slide Presentation [format: PDF, 2.5Mb]

Tools cited in presentation:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 – Session recording (format: Windows Media Player File, size: 34 Mb)

PowerPoint slides (format: PDF, size: 1.4Mb)

Admission Access Plan (format: MS Excel, size: 28 kb)

Vascular Access tracking Worksheet (format: MS Excel, size: 49 kb)

Catheter Removal Progress Tool (format: MS Excel, size: 28 kb)



Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement [PDF, 2M]

Westview Dialysis- CVC Reduction
[PDF, 294KB]

  • QAPI/Medical Director in Charge
    WebEx - August 26, 2010

Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement [PDF, 2M]

A Systematic Plan for Improving AV Fistula Rates [PDF, 297KB]

Program Handouts, [PDF, 135KB]

  • QIP Participants February WebEx
    WebEx February 16, 18, 19, 2010
    View WebEx Presentation Slides [PDF, 752KB]
  • QAPI & Vascular Access Management II
    Educational WebEx - January 12 & 14, 2010

Quality Improvement: Fistula Rates [PDF, 328Kb]

Vascular Access: Achieving Outcomes Through QAPI [PDF, 524Kb]

  • Vascular Access Quality Improvement:The Medical Director as Leader
    WebEx December 11, 2009 or December 17, 2009
    View WebEx Presentation Slides [PDF, 287KB]
  • Vascular Access: Networking for Solutions Series
    Learning Sessions - October 20, 2009 or October 27, 2009

Get the handouts for the learning sessions.

Community Partnering

View speaker Barbara Hasbargen slides, PDF, 389KB

View presentation by Ausuncion Javier, PDF, 47KB

Patient Culture

View the joint presentation by Kathi Niccum & Craig Fisher, PDF, 2.8M

Catheter Reduction

Annie Wilson, RN- View slides, PDF, 369KB

Angelo Nicholas Makris, M.D.-View slides, PDF, 2.1M

Janice Handley, RN- View slides, PDF, 258KB

Diane Peck, RN, CNN- View slides, PDF, 1.2M


  • QAPI & Vascular Access Management I
    Educational WebEx - September 17, 2009 or September 22, 2009

Rosalyn Cromwell, CNP Metro Health Systems, Cleveland, OH
[View slides, PDF, 376KB]

Susan Wood, RN, BSN, DaVita, Franklin, IN
[View slides, PDF, 3.1M]

  • Fistula Coaching Program
    QI & Patient Services WebEx Training - June 24, 2009

Fistula Coaching Program slides [PDF, 1.9M]

Download Patient Coach Handbook [PDF, 604KB]

Download Coordinator Guidebook [PDF, 607KB]

  • Helping the Patient Make Healthy Fistula Choices
    QI & Patient Services WebEx Training - June 23, 2009

Download Presentation Slides [PDF, 2.3M]

Download Presentation Handouts [PDF, 543KB]

Download Training Manual [PDF, 676KB]

  • Putting the Pieces Together
    Vascular Access Learning Session - June 2, 2009 or June 4, 2009

QAPI-The Ripple Effects [PDF, 8.3M]
Lisa Pantaleone, RN, Dir. of Renal Services, Provena St. Mary’s, Kankakee, IL

Establishing Effective Community Partnerships [PDF, 878KB]
Raynel Wilson, RN, CNN, CPHQ, Quality Improvement Director,
The Renal Network, Inc.

Lake Park Outcomes, University of Chicago
[PDF, 77KB]
Diane Fodor, CNP, University of Chicago Dialysis Program
(co-presenter June 2nd)
David Martinez, RN, CDN, Facility Manager, University of Chicago Lake Park (co-presenter June 4th)

Changing the Patient Perspective [PDF, 673 KB]
Kathi Niccum, EdD - Director of Patient Services, TRN

Master Cannulator [PDF, 10.1M]
Patricia Coryell, RN, CNN - DSI Facility Manager, Indianapolis, IN

Program Handouts

Cannulation Skills Check [PDF, 12KB]

DSI Guidelines for Cannulating [PDF, 50KB]

RVU Explanation [PDF, 78KB]

FF Patient FAQ Broch-fistula [PDF, 174KB]

Fishbone Tool [PDF, 90KB]

  • Role of the Vascular Access Coordinator (VAC) & Team Development
    Educational WebEx - February 24, 2009 or February 26, 2009

WebEx Presentation [Playback may require installation of WebEx player.]

Meeting Slides [PDF, 115KB]


Positive Approaches to Improving Patient Fistula Improving Patient Fistula Outcomes by Teri Browne, PhD [PDF, 2M ]

What Does a Heron and a Frog Have to Do with Fistula First? by Craig Fisher, PhD [PDF, 1.3M ]

  • Cannulation Workshop Training
    QI Training Program - 2006 to 2007

Training Guide [PDF, 251 KB]

Cannulation Techniques for Arteriovenous Fistulae by Gordon McLennan, MD [PDF, 840 KB]

Internal AV Access Assessment Pre-cannulation by Catherine Colombo, RN, CNN [PDF, 92 KB ]

Is Your Access Language a Barrier by Catherine Colombo, RN, CNN [PDF, 24 KB]

AV Fistula Maturation, Cannulation, and Protection by Lesley C. Dinwiddie MSN, RN, FNP, CNN (This presentation is available on the Resources CD-ROM only.) [PDF, 282 KB]