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Facilitating the achievement of optimal wellness for renal disease patients


Quality Improvement

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ESRD Networks are required to develop and implement methods to measure and report on the quality of dialysis services provided under the Medicare program using a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model.

CQI is required to create an accountable means for providing acceptable levels of dialysis to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients and to provide comprehensive data that will be used in both assessment of outcomes and initiation of quality improvement programs.

The Renal Network Quality Improvement Department staff have developed training materials and resources that are designed to stimulate and support significant improvement in the quality of dialysis care through skills building and development and the promotion of promising practice models.

In addition, all educational materials are designed to support the goals and aims of specific CMS ESRD Quality Initiatives.

The Quality Improvement Department can assist you with the development of quality improvement plans, data collection and analysis, the development of disaster and emergency plans, guidance in following the Conditions for Coverage.

The Quality Improvement Department continuously updates and adds new tools and resources to assist facility staff and other nephrology professionals.



    D-AFIX Guidebook

    (Dialysis Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, eXchange Program)

    The D-AFIX Guidebook was adapted by staff members from The Renal Network (ESRD Network 10) and Heartland Kidney Network (ESRD Network 12) for use by dialysis facilities for assessing vaccination practices in dialysis facilities. The Facility Staff Guidebook version provides details to the dialysis facility on how the D-AFIX model can be adapted for facility use in increasing vaccination rates for the dialysis population.

    Network D-AFIX Guidebook

    Staff D-AFIX Guidebook


    Conditions for Coverage

    The QI department has developed templates to assist facilities in meeting Conditions for Coverage (CfC) §494.110.

    Download the Measures Assessment Tool (MAT) version 1.9 [PDF, 93.3] for an overview of conditions, measures and related resources.

    • Templates for adequacy of dialysis, anemia, vascular access, patient satisfaction and grievances and infection control can be found on our QAPI page.



    Transplant Referral

    Transplant Referral Resources










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