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Learning and Action Networks

The NCC hosted Learning and Action Networks, or LANs, are a requirement of our CMS contract that bring together ESRD healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, hospitals, QIOs, and more on a bi-monthly webinar to promote an evidence-based agenda to achieve each Quality Improvement Activity’s pre-determined initiative. The LAN model brings best practices, collaborative presentations, and promising strategies to all stakeholders within the ESRD community.

National Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network (NPFE-LAN)

The NPFE-LAN is a partnership between patients, family members, caregivers, and dialysis providers. It is a vehicle for bringing the patient voice to the kidney community that creates opportunities for in-depth learning, problem solving, and achievement of patient driven goals for quality improvement at the national level. In the NPFE-LAN, patients, family and caregivers are the subject matter experts (SMEs) who drive change across all Networks and dialysis facilities, helping to solve shared problems on a large scale.

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